Django, the guitar playing cricket, falls in love with a clever young female ant by the name of Antoinette. As winter approaches, they get separated. She ends up trapped in her Ant house, waiting for the arranged wedding with a scheming ant, while Django is invited to a human house nearby, by a Parrot, a wannabe musician, to teach her music.
Against all odds, the Human discovers Django’s talent, and presents him and the lousy singing parrot at a talent show. Instant fame and glory become a burden for Django, being far away from his love. At the same time the parrot enjoys it, and manipulates Django to continue performing together.
The father of the ant marrying Antoinette, being a villain in the story, conceives an elaborate fraud. Antoinette, however, plans to escape from her wedding, to join Django in the human house, where she thinks he still lives.
Meanwhile, Django is at a Christmas concert, in a city in the far south, where the sunny summer atmosphere makes even Santa Claus sweat. Fortunately, he escapes, and returns just in time for the wedding, amidst a snow storm. As he returns, Antoinette tries to escape to the human house  and nearly freezes to death, but the force of love and music brings her back in an ending we could call „A real Christmas“.